Thursday, April 12, 2018

You've Got Mail #84: Sportscards From the Dollar Store

Lately, I've been the recipient of a flurry of packages. So much so that our mail carrier, as unfriendly as he is, is probably thinking "what the heck are these people ordering all the time?" With all the other stuff I've been writing about lately, I'm behind on trade posts thanks to it. I received this package from Douglas of SCFDS (Sports Cards from the Dollar Store for short) quite unexpectedly as my USPS tracking doesn't include international packages. It was quite welcome nonetheless as packages from Douglas always include a nice variety.

I love me some 2017 Topps Heritage, minors or otherwise. I've written before about my aggravation in finding Heritage in friendly big-box retail establishments so I'll gladly take what I can get. I was super excited to see the Dayton Dragons cards as well, mainly because it seems that Topps has an on again, off again approach to the Dragons and doesn't always include them in minor league sets (at least from what I've seen).

Some Reds cards from the 2000s. I think the Casey might be a dupe but I'm not sure. I know for a fact the Adam Dunn Starquest card isn't.

At first, I thought these were just regular 1973 Topps cards but upon closer inspection, they are 1973 O-Pee-Chee! Wow! The fact that these were included was just tremendous. 

Here's the backs to prove it. They seem a bit brighter than the their American brethren and I love how English and French is just crammed on the back of the card.

It's been a while since I've added any new Bengals cards to my collection. I don't keep up enough with Panini's football cards to know if Prizm is still a thing, it is? Or has it been replaced by Optic?

As usual, any package from Douglas is rife with hockey and this was no exception. There were a great many Martin Brodeur cards to add to my collection, these are my three favorites. Side note, it's nice to see the Devils back in the playoffs this year, I just hope they don't get bounced in the first round by Tampa.

More cards to add to my ever growing Blue Jackets collection. 

And probably my favorite Blue Jackets cards of the bunch. I've always been a sucker for these Panini Contenders cards from both hockey and baseball. These particular ones are just super cool to look at with the black and white close up and then the ticket mock-up on the left. I've got to track me down some more of these.

Thanks for the awesome cards Douglas! You certainly outdid yourself this time. I've got a PWE packed up and ready to go for you, I just need to find time to get to the post office.

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