Saturday, November 12, 2016

Card Shop Goodies

I'll take a break today from catching up on trade packages to show off a few spoils from a recent trip to the card shop. I needed a few supplies a while back and happened to be in the area of Hooterville Sports Cards one Saturday, so I stopped in to grab what I needed. However, I can't go into a card shop and not buy cards.

I noticed there was a box full of memorabilia cards that were marked down to $2.50 each. There's no way I'm not going to dig through something like that. There were mostly baseball and basketball and some decent selections as well. I nabbed the Sosa and the Vizquel from the box. Further down the counter, next to the hockey packs, I saw a smaller box of cards that had discounted hockey cards. From that, I grabbed the Doug Weight card, mainly because he's listed as member of the Blues but it has a Hurricanes piece on it.

I also wanted to grab some packs to rip. While I scoured over the hockey and the baseball packs, nothing was really jumping out at me. I noticed that Heritage High Number and I felt that I should give Heritage another try, as I wasn't too impressed with the initial four packs I purchased back in the spring. So, I picked up four packs of the high number and I'll save what I got for another day.

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  1. Whenever I go into my LCS for supplies... I also find a way to spend money on cardboard as well. Love that Vizquel.