Monday, August 29, 2016

Three Packs of 2015-16 Upper Deck SP Authentic

I was up at Maverick's card shop recently and saw this was one of the few hockey products they had on the shelves. None of the baseball stuff they had interested me so I opted for three packs of this. The fact they were 20% off and a new release also had a lot to do with swaying me in that direction. I'll break this down pack by pack.

Pack #1

This was a pretty solid pack in my opinion. Quick, Subban and Hudler are pretty solid and I really like the Bobrovsky card of him in the Blue Jackets civil war blue uniform. I'm still not sure if that's classified as an alternate uniform or a throwback uniform. Seeing as this is one of the last releases of the season, there are also Young Guns insert cards to be found as a compendium to the Upper Deck main set with the main one being Matt Murray. Alas, for me, it was not to be.

Pack #2

The second pack was pretty solid as well with base cards of David Backes and Ryan O'Reilly. I was pretty hyped to pull a Bobby Hull legends insert card as well. I'm not to optomistic about how well the Blues will fare this upcoming season with Backes signing with Boston and Brian Elliott being shipped off to Calgary. At least they still have Tarasenko. Speaking of which ...

Pack #3

Vladmir Tarasenko leads off pack #3 with some pretty good company in Braden Holtby and Filip Forsberg. The Caps were my pick to win it all last year but they couldn't pull it out. You're probably thinking, were there only four cards in that pack? Nope, I saved one for below ...

Behold a  Connor Brickley Future Watch autograph numbered out of 999. I'm not too familiar with him but I'm keeping an eye on the Panthers mainly because Jaromir Jagr is still playing down there and perhaps they can surprise everyone again with a run like they had last year.

These were normally $6 per pack so with the 20% off per pack discount, I'd say I made out pretty well. I might have to pick up a few more packs next time if that sale is still valid.

As a reminder, this will be the last trading card post until Novemberas Project Halloween starts on September 1st and runs until Halloween. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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