Wednesday, August 10, 2016

You've Got Mail #45: Night Owl Cards

It finally happened, something I've been waiting on for a long time. I finally received a trade package from the legendary Night Owl. It arrived rather inconspicuously the day after the July 4th holiday, along with the water bill and a circular for Kohl's.

I can smell the chocolate and cream on this card (not really) but this is my first hand cut Hostess card.  I'm not entirely sure who Mike Jorgensen is but regardless, I immediately threw this in a penny sleeve and top loader. Suddenly, I want a pack of Ding Dongs.

Even though my want list may state that I collect a lot of players, it's mean to be solely used as a guide. However, my one main player collection would be Dennis Eckersley. I'm not sure what drives me to collecting his cards but I think it might have something to do with the crazy photos on his cards, case in point, the Upper Deck 70s card.

Some new Expos cards for my team collection were thrown in as well. It's amazing how much the 1996 Pinnacle cards look the same. I have enough Expos cards now to where I need to start combing through them for duplicates. 

Speaking of duplicates, I know these are not. Hoover and Sampson have been major contributors to the Springfield tire fire that has been the Reds bullpen this year. Hoover seems to have lost any idea on how to actually throw the ball over the plate and Sampson hasn't shown great stuff, but managed a nice outing in a spot start recently. I don't remember Paul O'Neill having to pitch for the Reds but I guess I'll have to take Topps' word for it.

As much as I was into Heritage last year, this year has been a complete bust for me. I opened exactly three packs and got next to nothing in terms of cards I was interested in keeping. Archives however, which is where the Father & Son insert is from, was really great this year. It has me wanting to by more packs as I really want to get my hands on some of those 69 Topps Super inserts but I really don't want duplicate base cards lying around the house.

I'd forgotten what a nice clean set 1996 Score was. This came out right about the time I was slowly growing out of collecting. While I had a few cards from this set in my original collection, it was nice to recover cards like this that I lost a long time ago.

The Sean Casey card I find a bit odd as he's listed as a member of the Pirates but is shown in as Reds uniform. Strange. Speaking of strange, I'm not really sure what that Dodgers card is but regardless it's pretty cool. The Joe Oliver card from the acid trip that is 1995 Fleer was thrown in because I had made a comment about that card on a post a long time ago.

To round things out, a nice batch of 1984 Topps was thrown in as well, which means I need to take a few minutes on a weekend to cross check and update my want list. You'll have to excuse the scan, I was in a hurry when I scanned it and forgot to trim the photo.

I feel like a member of the cool kids club now, having received my first (and hopefully not last) awesome package from Night Owl. As far as a return goes, there's one card I'm looking for specifically that I need to get before I start loading up a bubble mailer to send back.


  1. I got a couple from him.. :)

    It's nice to see some other collectors of the Expos.. It's odd how though they were first here, they really lost a lot of attention once the Jays started winning.. Part of that I think has to do with the lack of television/radio coverage outside Quebec, until there was no coverage.

  2. Having lived close to the Canadian border most of my life, I rarely saw the Expos on TV. Every once in awhile an Expos game (with Duke Snider as an announcer) would pop up on a station in Buffalo. When I moved to St. Lawrence County, I saw Expos games a little more often. But Canada definitely seemed to favor the Blue Jays as far as broadcasts.