Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You've Got Mail #40: All Trade Bait, All the Time

There was a contest held a while back over at All Trade Bait All The Time (ATBATT for short) and even though I didn't win, I still got a consolation prize. Sort of like being on Wheel of Fortune and being one of the runners-up. Anyway, in order to get said prize, I had to answer an APB for my address. I responded and a nice bubble mailer arrived from sunny California not long there after.

The envelope was stuffed full of cards from three of the primary baseball teams I collect: Reds, Indians, and Expos. I'll show a few from each team, starting with, of course, the Reds.

I rediscovered 1992 pinnacle last fall when I bought a bunch of cards from the thrift store on a whim. I'd forgotten how simple and nice they were with the black background and such, probably my favorite of the early Pinnacle releases. I'm not too familiar with the Ted Williams cards in the middle but they were unique enough to be included in the scan. I also felt like showing off a new Joe Morgan card.

Some cool Indians cards that help fill in the holes there. There is a gaping hole in my collection with cards from around 1994 up through 2012 and that really needs to be filled up, especially in my Indians binder. Something I find interesting is the difference in uniforms between the Omar Vizquel card and the Sandy Alomar card. I'd forgotten the Indians had their old school uniforms until the mid-90s but ones I fondly remember is the one sported by Vizquel. Regardless of uniforms, the Tribe had one heck of a run during that time period.

The Expos cards ran the gamut from old as you can see with the Valentine and Wallach cards to 90s with Moises Alou to my favorite card of the whole pack, this 2001 Fleer E-X Jose Vidro card. I remember seeing a bunch of these cards when I worked for a card shop and assisted with card shows during my high school years. Back then, they went for a bit of a premium but today, they're all but forgotten about.

Finally, this Jose Theodore card was thrown in because I had mentioned in a comment on the ATBATT blog that I thought it was a cool card. Well, now it's even cooler since it's now a part of my hockey collection. 

Pretty cool to get these as a consolation prize. If consolation prizes are like this, I'll gladly enter contests all the time. 

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