Thursday, July 28, 2016

You've Got Mail #43: Baseball Every Night

I've got a good selection of the base cards I want from 2016 flagship but hardly any of the inserts. However, in stepped Peter from Baseball Every Night with some of the First Pitch inserts from this year. I enjoyed last year's First Pitch cards so I wanted to try to some from this year too. Since Peter didn't want them, I gladly took them off his hands. While I won't show every card, I'll show off the celebrities I've heard of.

I don't follow boxing at all but some of the MMA news sites I read cover boxing occasionally and I've seen Miguel Cotto's name on occasion, most of it was in conjunction with his fight with Canelo Alvarez last November, which he lost by the way. The picture of former President Bush isn't exactly the most flattering but according to the back of the card, it was right after he suffered a fall and was in a neck brace because of it. Regardless, still pretty cool to have a card of a former President.

I'm not ashamed to say I've got a few James Taylor songs on my iPad. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of his music but I do enjoy listening to "Fire and Rain" on occasion. Just like I'm not a big James Taylor fan, I wouldn't consider myself a golf fan either. I used to play when I was in high school and on occasion after that and will watch a little bit on TV, but that's mainly if I can't find anything else to watch and it's just for background noise.

Good gosh, that's a pretty garish outfit on Don Cherry! However, being the hockey fan that I am, when I saw his name listed in the checklist, I knew I had to have it, mainly because it's a nice blend of my two favorite sports to watch on TV. Speaking of blending sports, Jim Harbaugh definitely went all out, donning the full Tigers uniform, right down to the hat. 

As far as these First Pitch cards go, the line-up wasn't as exciting this year as it was last year when there were cards of Jeff Bridges, Melissa McCarthy, and Metallica among others. For what it is though, it's pretty fun and something nice to break up the monotony when you're opening tons of packs of flagship cards.

Peter also threw in this signed Dave Christian hockey card since he's not a hockey kind of person but I totally am. I'm not too familiar with Mr. Christian so let's see what ye olde hockey reference has to say. Apparently he had a very long career from the 1979-80 season to the 1993-94 season with Winnipeg, Washington, Boston, St. Louis, and Chicago. 

So there we go, a handful of first pitches and a neat signed hockey card. Another fun package in the books! Speaking of fun, don't forget to stop by on August 1st at Noon eastern for an announcement of something really fun coming in the fall!


  1. I'm a big fan of the First Pitch sets. Still working on series 2 this year. Looking forward to your announcement!

  2. I love me some James Taylor and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I grew up with a healthy rotation of singer/songwriters on the family radio - Taylor, Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffet, Elton John, etc. That said, I didn't realize he made it into the First Pitch insert set - you learn something new everyday1

  3. There's only two of the First Pitch I want.. The Cherry because it's Don Cherry in Toronto on Canada Day.. (Sportsnet analyst Gregg Zaun is rapidly stealing Cherry's gimmick of garish clothes) The other is David Hearn, who threw out in Toronto.