Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You've Got Mail #7: Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown had offered up a really cool Edwin Encarnacion 1st home run medallion card for trade after he broke into a blaster box of Topps Update about a month ago. The week before Thanksgiving it arrived and was accompanied by a whole boatload of Reds cards on its cross-county journey in the confines of a priority mail box.

Here's the card that triggered this whole trade. It's even nicer in person and it's the first medallion card I have. I'm not going to go out chasing these but there are few other Reds ones out there (Josh Hamilton and Johnny Bench) that I would definitely like to pick up.

These are my two favorite Votto cards in my collection right now.

One of the podcast hosts I like to listen occasionally says "If you haven't see it, it's new to you!" and these are definitely new to me. I had no idea that Stadium Club chrome cards existed. Pokey Reese (left) was a good second baseman for the Reds in the late 90s and Scott Williamson was a lights out closer for the Reds in 1999 but kind of flamed out a year or so later.

A few old school style cards. Word around the campfire is that Arroyo is interested in returning to the Reds and he's just the kind of mid-level starter the Reds need to eat innings and give the young guys a rest ... of course, he has to prove he's healthy first. The Dunn is from 2002 Upper Deck Vintage, a set I actually took the time to put together when I was last collecting in the early 2000's.

Archives is one of my favorite brands and these cards from the 2015 set are great. I almost didn't catch the fact that the Jay Bruce card is one of the #1 Draft Pick inserts.

Two of my favorite Reds players right now, Tucker Barnhart and Todd Frazier. I've been on the lookout for a nice Barnhart RC and this will do just fine.

Two nice Cingrani cards. I'm guessing that the one with the Illinois flag in the background is a parallel of some sort?

Jose Rijo had a great comeback story. He was out of baseball for over 6 years with assorted arm injuries and made a surprise comeback in 2001 as a reliever and was a nice story for a Reds team that was the worst of the decade. In 2002, he made a bunch of starts and started the final game ever at Cinergy Field.

Finally, here's a nice card of Jesse Winker who is really close to being ready for the majors and will hopefully be a regular in the Reds outfield in 2017.

There were a ton of other great cards that were in the box too but these were the best ones I picked out for scanning. Thanks Gavin for the giant trade box. I'm digging through my cards and working on finding you some stuff to send in return.


  1. Pokey Reese still has one of my favorite baseball names of all-time, and that Stadium Club shot is terrific. Looks like a solid box!