Saturday, December 5, 2015

You've Got Mail #8: Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum

I had some extra Falcons cards recently so I offered them up to noted Falcon fanatic Jeff of Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum. He and I worked out a trade (unfortunately no bubblegum was discussed) and I received a nice package from him right before Thanksgiving.

Let's start with some 2015 Stadium Club! This gold parallel of Luis Gonzalez going crazy after winning the World Series is tremendous.

A few nice horizontals, including a Devin Mesoraco cameo on the Dilson Herrera card.

One of the main reasons I'm putting together this year's Stadium Club set is the photography and the simplicity of the design. Here, Dalton Pompey surveys a homer while Zach Britton makes some friends.

It was nice to see that Jeff included these as well. I'm a sucker for pre-1970s players on modern cards. The Griffey definitely knocks off one of the major cards I needed for this set.

Closing out the Stadium Club portion with three more nice cards. All of these should put a nice dent in my checklist.

Stadium Club wasn't the only thing included though, Jeff also threw in some Reds and Bengals cards.

Starting off the Reds portion was this nice mini of Joey Votto. I like the 87 Topps design on this.

These are the first mascot cards I've ever added to my collection. I just need Mr. Redlegs to complete the trio.

A few more Barry Larkin additions to the collection. As a kid, I always thought the Post Cereal cards looked weird without the logo on the uniform. Still, it's always nice when I get these in a trade pack as they seem hard to come by.

A few more random Reds cards to close out that portion featuring Todd Coffey (like the drink, only not spelt the same), Griffey Jr. doing some batting practice, Billy Hamilton seemingly floating in mid-air and a sideways Zack Cozart.

Finally, on to the Bengals portion and starting off with some very nice Score cards of Jeremy Hill and A.J. Green, two guys who have really contributed to the Bengals success this year.

Another Jeremy Hill card and my first Bengals team card!!

Here's the rest of the Bengals portion with some older names that I recognize (Jeff Blake, Darnay Scott, Boomer Esiason) and some I don't (Eric Ball, Kevin Walker).

Thanks for the trade Jeff! I really appreciate you sending these my way.


  1. I love the Stadium Club cards, but I will say the the Gonzalez is not one of my favorites from this year's set. I'd much rather forget that moment in baseball history.

  2. I completely forgot about Backyard Baseball, the neighbor kids and I spent way too much time on that game!

    1. YES! That game was awesome. I totally want to play it now...Pablo Sanchez was the man.