Saturday, August 4, 2018

Buybacks and Randoms via Twitter

I've never done a trade via Twitter before but that's just what happened a couple weeks ago when Jon from the Penny Sleeves blog reached out to me via Twitter DM about sending some buybacks over. Never being one to decline an offer of someone sending me cards, I obliged and replied back with my address. Not long after, I received a bubble mailer full of buybacks and a handful of other goodies.

My first pair of Reds buybacks. Rolando Roomes is a name I know but Bob Owchinko? At least it's a 1985 buyback.

Indians buybacks ranging from 1976 with the awesome red uniform on Ed Crosby to 1993 featuring Jose Mesa in the uniform Major League made famous.

Some 1989 buybacks. Vince Coleman was an All-Star in 1989 and stole 65 bases. Tom Trebelhorn managed the Brewers to an 81-81 record and 4th in the AL East.

Going backwards, it's 1988. 1988 Topps is ok, it's never been my favorite set and it's probably the most bland Topps set of the 80s. But still, I'll take buybacks in any form. Manny Lee and Greg Cadaret are names I know from seeing them on cards but I have no idea who Charles Hudson is.

And going backwards yet again, here's a batch from 1987. There's some good players in this batch with Bob Boone, Lou Whitaker, and Mike Maddux.

And a few more random ones. The 2002 Jeff Kent marks the "newest" buyback in my collection. I still think it's weird to see buyback stamps on cards from 2000-current.

Along with the buybacks, Jon sent along a number of other fun cards. Here's a Marquis Grissom 1997 Topps Finest card. I'm not sure if this is a refractor or not but still I love shiny cards and this fits the bill.

It's a pretty generic card and at first I thought it was some sort of oddball but it's not, it's a 1960 Leaf card. I know Don Newcombe as a pitcher for the Dodgers but I didn't know he was a member of the Reds. Apparently the Reds acquired him in June of 1958 from the Dodgers and he was with them for the equivalent of two full seasons before being purchased by Cleveland in July 1960.

At first I though this was from a random oddball wrestling set and my research came up with nothing when I searched my usual sites for wrestling card info. In search of info, I turned to one of the classic wrestling groups I'm part of on Facebook and asked about it. It turns out this is from an unlicensed set released in 1990 called "Living Legends". There were three different versions of these cards (orange, blue, and gray) and the blue and orange cards have nearly the same design. The backs are very nondescript with generic silhouettes around a big black star, and the persons name. I'm not sure who put these cards out or where they came from but hopefully I can find some more info on them down the road.

This was my first trade via Twitter and I appreciate Jon reaching out to me and asking if I was interested. I've got your address noted and will start trying to find some cards I can set aside for you.


  1. I didn't know if you'd want that Newcombe or not, as it is a little rough, but I figured it would be a good placeholder until you could get a better one. I knew you'd like the broder-esque Hogan though, I didn't know anything about it either, but for a quarter it was kind of hard not to buy. Oh, and the Grissom is a refractor.

  2. That Newcombe is sweet! Might need to look for some 1960 Leaf cards for my collection.