Wednesday, August 8, 2018

2018 Topps Big League Box Break - Part 2

So about a week or so ago, my five year old and I sat down and ripped open the rest of the box, here are some highlights. I figured now it a good as time as any to show this off with Archives coming out next Wednesday.

Here are some legends base cards to start things off with. I'll be honest, Roger Clemens was the last person I expected to see come out of a pack. Whitey Ford was a really neat card to find though.

Two Reds cards here. Adam Duvall was shipped to the Braves just before the trade deadline for a handful of prospects that may or may not turn out. Castillo has kind of struggled this year but I think he's still got a decent upside.

Some really cool horizontal cards. That Ketel Marte card of his hanging out with Orbit, the Astros mascot, is a super fun card. Also, I got another card for my growing Francisco Lindor collection.

Some more of the Players Weekend nickname cards.

I loved the ballpark landmarks cards and I might try to chase the whole batch of them. That card of the Green Monster is super, super cool.

And finally some of the gold parallel cards to close this out. I still maintain that the gold cards would've been better at one every other pack or so instead of every pack.

So that's a box of Topps Big League. Was it fun? Yes. Would I get another box of it next year? Depending on the price, maybe. For a first effort, I'd say it was pretty solid as the photography is good and it's a nice mix of Opening Day and the ill-fated Topps Bunt. 

A few things I'd like to see in the sophomore release is a standard base set (like flagship and Heritage) and cards like the Ballpark Landmarks and the Players Weekend being insert sets instead of part of the main set. I like the simple design too so I'd keep that in place. Also, I like the low price point of about $45-$50 a box which allows budget collectors like myself to afford the thrill of breaking a box every now and then.


  1. Are you building this set? I have a wantlist for Indians cards plus I am working on the Players Weekend cards.

  2. One gold every other pack? I say take it back to the 90's and make them one per box.

    Btw... that Bogaerts is sweet!

    1. Ah, harkening back to the days of 1992 Topps are we?!