Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three Packs of 2017 Topps Update

By the time you read this 2018 Topps will probably already be on the shelves everywhere. I'll give it a chance much like I give most everything else but I just haven't had time yet to get to the card shop and get some packs. I had these Update packs around from my annual Target baseball card birthday binge to myself in December so I figured I might as well go through these pack by pack before I move on to getting some 2018 cards. After reading other blogs back in the fall about how Update didn't really update anything, I'm not really expecting much. There's 12 cards per pack, let's see what lies within.

Pack #1

One pack in and I already pulled one of the most wanted cards from the set, the vaunted Cody Bellinger rookie card. I might as well just call it here and not even bother with the other two packs! I also got a really neat Bill Mazeroski "Postseason Celebrations" insert card celebrating his series winning homer in 1960. Some other cards I dig in this pack are the Travis Wood card (who I had no clue was with the Royals) and the Seth Smith card. I always like the way the Oriole orange just pops on cards like this. Not bad for the first pack. 

Pack #2

There's honestly not much here to really talk about. The Jeff Bagwell card is one of those goofy reprints that Topps likes to do, this time it's of the Rookie Cup variety. Seeing that reminds me I've got a 1992 Topps factory set in the garage I need to do something with. The highlights for me here are the Yonder Alonso All-Star card and the Sal Romano card (although I've already got thanks to some recent trades).

Pack #3

Well, that's interesting. I wound up with 13 cards in the pack instead of the advertised 12. Either the buyback of Seth Greisenger doesn't count as a card or I wound up with a bonus card for no reason. I'm not complaining though. This was probably the second best pack of the three as there was the Ian Happ card, the aforementioned buyback, a 1987 style Dallas Keuchel insert, and the "History Makers" card of Bryant and Rizzo. Upon doing some research, apparently the blue stamp is the second most rare stamp of the buybacks, I just wish it wasn't stamped over top of the players' name.

Overall, this wasn't too terrible. I enjoyed opening the packs and got some fun cards to show for it. I didn't get any of the Heroes of Autumn inserts that were advertised on the packs but I did get one really cool insert, that being the "Postseason Celebrations" card. Onwards to the 2018 cards!

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  1. I could use the Bagwell and Keuchel if they’re up for grabs. Hit me up and let’s swap.