Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Football Shoebox Part 2: Cardinals to Eagles

Time to dive back into the lovely shoebox full of football cards. Six more teams this time, the Cardinals to the Eagles.

Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals

I only held onto three Cardinals cards, mainly because I never really followed them and therefore don't have much knowledge of their players from this time. I was hoping for a Boomer Esiason Cardinals card but it was not to be. Still, that Larry Fitzgerald card is pretty cool.

San Diego Chargers

Ah yes, the recently departed San Diego Chargers. There's two Junior Seau cards on the bottom. I had to keep the Ryan Leaf card mainly because it's laughable about how much of a bust he was in the NFL. 

Kansas City Chiefs

I'd forgotten that Marcus Allen ever played for the Chiefs so to find a lot of his cards here in a Chiefs uniform was pretty cool. The Warren Moon card up top there is pretty neat too with him in what looks like a Seahawks jersey but is labeled as a Chiefs card.

Dallas Cowboys

I'll admit I never was a big fan of the Cowboys. I always felt like they were overrated. However, I won't doubt the fact they had lots of good players like Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, etc. Unfortunately, no Aikman cards were to be found but that's ok as I found some keepers anyway.

Miami Dolphins

Surprisingly there were some Dan Marino cards in the box, along with a few other nifty cards. Nothing too fancy but the 2000 Score Marino is a sunset card, which is pretty cool.

Philadelphia Eagles

Again, the Eagles are a team I never really followed, but there were some fun cards to be had here, including the Randall Cunningham die-cut and the William Perry card, of which I had no knowledge of him ever donning the green and white.

And that's another batch of cards from the football box done.

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