Saturday, August 5, 2017

Back Packs: 2006 Topps Series 1

I don't remember much about 2006, actually I don't remember a thing about that year.

Some things that happened that I don't remember: the Cardinals won the World Series, Barry Bonds passed Babe Ruth for second on the all-time home run list, and the Reds finished 3.5 games out of first place. 

I also don't remember baseball cards that year, especially since I was 21, three years out of high school, and the last thing on my mind was baseball cards. So, here's a pack of cards I'm not familiar with from year I don't remember much of.

#188 Gary Matthews Jr.
#44 Carl Everett
#88 B.J. Surhoff

I'll admit, I was thrown off when I opened these. I though 2006 was the year with team name at the top of the cards with the letters in the little circles. I certainly wasn't expecting this. What we have here is some multi-colored craziness with team names and player names written in shiny foil which makes it incredibly hard to read, especially when scanning these in. In terms of things I don't remember, I certainly don't remember Carl Everett ever playing for the Mariners (and he appears to be in a White Sox uniform) nor do I remember long-time Brewer outfielder B.J. Surhoff suiting up for the Orioles.

Speaking of B.J. Surhoff, I felt compelled to show off the back of the card, mainly because it's pretty wild. You've got the full career stats (up to that point) on the back, along with what appears to be the secondary logo for the team, and then ... what's that in the top left? By cracky it's an old-school Topps cartoon! Well, that's certainly unexpected and makes that pretty cool. 

#198 Kevin Mench
#295 Frank Robinson (MGR)
#66 Shawn Estes

2006 was the second year for the Nationals and I thought it was pretty cool to get a Frank Robinson card. Shawn Estes would appear in only one game for the Padres in 2006. The year prior he was in 21 games for Arizona with a 7-8 record and a 4.80 ERA. I barely remember Kevin Mench but he split 2006 between Texas and Minnesota appearing in 127 games total hitting .269/.313/.419 with 13 HRs and 65 RBIs

#82 Huston Street
#MHR1 Mickey Mantle Home Run History
#315 Tom Gorzelanny

My lone insert card was the Mickey Mantle "home run history" card. This went directly into the Yankees trade pile. The other two cards, Huston Street and Tom Gorzelanny are staying in the collection. Gorzelanny just retired after last season where as Street is still active with the Angels.

#168 Julian Tavarez
#318 Brayan Pena
#227 Corey Koskie

My last batch here. I'd forgotten completely about Julian Tavarez and Corey Koskie. Brayan Pena was a welcome site, considering it's his rookie card (at least it claims to be) and I liked him with for the few years he spent as a Red. Something about that batting pose though just looks unnatural.

Well, there's a pack of cards from 2006. Was it interesting? Somewhat. Was it memorable? Nope, not really but it was still a fun rip and for 50 cents what more can you ask.


  1. This is the set that, for better or worse, got me back into collecting modern cards. I bought a ton of 2006 Topps.

    P.S.: That Mantle HR No. 1 insert was in practically every rack pack.

  2. This is the "too damn much" design. SOOOOO much going on all at once.