Monday, October 24, 2016

Caramel Apple Pop Tarts

Whoever thought these would be easy to find was sadly mistaken. Every time I thought I had a lead on them, it proved to be false. One day, I found them by chance while I was out at the local Kroger store. It was there a whole giant shelf of them was available. Excitedly, I grabbed one box and put in in the cart with all my other groceries. Bringing them home, they sat in the pantry for about a week before I remembered I had them. I grabbed a few packs of them and took them to work for a quick breakfast.

Here they are out of their silvery foil prison and sitting on my desk at work. My box must have been thrashed around a bit during shipping and the pop tarts themselves weren't solid like they normally are, they were cracked. That's fine though as I usually break apart my pop tarts when I eat them. 

Since there was no toaster handy, I ate them as they were. I'm not normally a fan of apple flavored stuff but these were pretty good. I couldn't really taste any caramel but they were pretty heavy on the apple, to the point where I though these were some sort of apple pie flavor. The green squiggle didn't really bring anything to the party, neither did the frosting. 

These seem to be a Kroger exclusive flavor so if you have one near you, go see if you can find them as they are definitely worth a try. If not, I guess there's always eBay if you're desperate.


  1. Those look and sound awesome. I'm going to Kroger to get some, but if my luck holds true, it'll be a while before I actually track some down...I only got my hands on some Ecto Cooler about two weeks ago. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They sound kind of yummy. Back In the day (1970s) they had Dutch Apple and Frosted Dutch Apple Pop-Tarts. I loved the frosted ones. Sadly those were taken off the market long ago. I have no idea why? Come to think about it I haven't seen many apple jelly much anymore either. With these new Apple Caramel I guess there is hope for the return of the Dutch Apple flavor.