Sunday, August 14, 2016

One Super Shiny Pack of Topps Marketside

Back in the spring, these were all the rage amongst fellow card bloggers. I finally got a pack of these in with some breadsticks bought from the deli of the local Walmart. Everyone has seen these before so I won't go into great detail. Three cards per pack, so this will be quick. Let's see what I got ...

Giancarlo Stanton ... the 2016 Home Run Derby champion. 

Luis Severino ... not having a good year with the Yankees with an ERA approaching 7.00

And finally ... Buster Posey, one of the cornerstones of the Giants.

I really like the design of these. It's a simple design that wouldn't seem out of place as insert set in either the flagship sets or in Stadium Club. I probably won't be chasing these at all but if I happen to buy any more pizza or breadsticks that have these in them, I won't complain. 

As for the breadsticks that accompanied these cards, they were better than I thought, especially after you dress them up with a little extra cheese.

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