Monday, August 1, 2016

Announcing Project Halloween 2016!

Yes, I know it's only August 1st but that means we're only a month away from Labor Day and the end of summer. So this year on the blog, it's going to be Project Halloween 2016 beginning on September 1st! That's right kids, two full months of macabre mayhem featuring everything from horror themed trading cards to cheap masks to fall festivals and lots of stuff in between.

Why am I doing this you ask? Well, to be honest, trading cards are available all year round in many different outlets but Halloween and fall only comes around once a year, so what better way to celebrate than having a two-month Halloween extravaganza! Over the past few years, Halloween has become my favorite holiday, even more so than Christmas. It's the one part of the year where you can enjoy horror movies, macabre decorations, and plastic tombstones without getting laughed at by the general public.

Up until a few years ago, my friends and I would make yearly Halloween specials and put them up on YouTube. We stopped mainly because it got too expensive and trying to align everyone's schedules was a complete and utter nightmare. Since it's too hard to get everyone together, I've decided to start up a "Halloween countdown" of sorts here ... yes, right here, on this blog. I've already got at least a dozen topics already on the drawing board ready to be written about and more to come considering there is probably lots of Halloween themed junk food, candy, and general madness that hasn't been released yet, and probably won't be until mid-to-late August.

Stay close, trading card posts will continue through August and then the Halloween fun begins on September 1st and will run through Halloween itself! It'll be a monster mash big enough that'll be sure to please Frankenstein and all his pals.


  1. Cool this will be something different and unique, looking forward to it! Especially any movie reviews.

  2. Sounds like fun! I have been planning on doing a number of Halloween related posts during October as well, hopefully we don't have any overlap. I have to take a slight exception to your comment about being laughed by the general public for enjoying Halloween type things during the year. My question to you, would be: Who cares what the general public think? Especially considering that same general public seems to be completely mesmerized by something as asinine as that Pokémon Go. Now that's Laughable!

    Also, are your YouTube videos that you mentioned still up?

    1. Yes, the YouTube videos are still up, except for one that got pulled because of music issues. I plan on linking them during the Halloween Project. As far as the "general public" comment, it was meant in jest.

  3. This sounds AWESOME! Great idea. I'm really looking forward to whatever you've got lined up. I'm just putting it out there: I've already seen the Halloween candy and decorations creeping into the retail outlets!