Saturday, April 16, 2016

You've Got Mail #22: Bump & Run Cards

I haven't been at this card blogging thing for a year yet and already new bloggers are reaching out to me to set up trades. That's exactly what Trevor of the recently conceived Bump and Run Cards football card blog did. While I didn't necessarily have much in the way of his needs, I asked if he would be interested in taking all the unwanted football cards I have since I'm not much of a football collector except for Bengals cards and a few others here and there. He agreed and I received a nice little mailer from him.

Bronson Arroyo is a guy I always like when he played for the Reds. Over the offseason, he was really close to returning but chose to sign with Washington and play for Dusty Baker instead. Can't say I blame him, Washington has a really good chance to make the playoffs, while the Reds are going nowhere fast. Regardless, since I've added him as a PC guy to my list, I've been getting some nice cards. Pretty sure I have multiple copies of the Heritage card now but it's all good!

One of the odd things I like to collect as it relates to the Reds is Big Red Machine players post-machine. A prime example are these Tony Perez cards. The first card of him "in action" is from his days in Boston, the next is him with the Phillies. Seeing Perez in any uniform through aside from the Reds is still really strange.

Hey look! More Hal Morris cards! Always nice to get more of his stuff!

These Leaf Metal cards I had no prior knowledge of but they are really cool. Yeah, they went overboard with the foil (it's the 90s, everything went overboard!) but still, these are some pretty cool cards and fill in a nice hole in my Reds collection.

We close on a nice variety of stuff. From The Cobra to Eric Davis, Reggie Sanders to Juan Francisco, there's a little bit here of everything, including what looks to be an IP auto of Keith Glauber. Really hard to pick a favorite in this batch.

Thanks for the trade Trevor and good luck with your blog. I've got some unwanted football cards ready to go out when I get to the post office in a few weeks that you will hopefully enjoy.

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