Friday, April 8, 2016

Back Packs: 1993 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Packs!

I picked these up on my flea market trip back in January for 25 cents a piece. While I could split these up amongst four posts, that would require effort. So, I'll look at these as a collective. While I'm not going to show every card, I'll show the highlights.

Doc Gooden, Jeff Kent, and Rickey Henderson. Two Mets and one future Met.

Here's a Bret Boone RC, Nolan Ryan, and Jim Abbott. I'm not a huge Nolan Ryan collector, especially from this era as he seems to be everywhere. That being said, since this is a card from the last days of his career, I'll hang on to it.  Also, Bret Boone was one of my favorite Reds players from the mid to late-90s.

Another batch of some 90s stars. I really like the posed shots on the Marlins and Rockies cards from this set. I've also officially added Charlie Hough as a PC guy. The Brett, Grace, and Belle cards are pretty nice too.

Here are a few horizontal cards that came in the batch. The Glavin/Fleming card I remember having in my original childhood collection. Big Unit cards are always fun to pull as well.

Each pack guaranteed five Topps Gold cards. I'm not showing all of them but these are the best of the batch. I thought Girardi didn't officially suit up for the Rockies, but I stand corrected as noted in the comments below!

The obligatory Reds cards and another card to add to my Hal Morris collection. The guy was a great hitter and solid player for the Reds through the 90s.

I pulled both the regular version and the gold version of these cards. Not sure which one I like better though. Interesting that I got both the Dan Wilson and Bret Boone RCs in these packs as they were part of the November 93 trade that sent Wilson and Bobby Ayala to Seattle for Boone and Erik Hanson. Talk about a small world!

Finally, there's this card. I was pretty excited when I pulled this card out of one of the packs. While it's nothing special, it's a nice time capsule of when the Angels signed three Russian players and had them in the minor leagues. There's a great story on it here which is why I popped when I pulled this because I had just read the story a while back.

Opening these up was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. It's nice to find cheap packs sometimes.

  2. That RUssian card is so cool! I jUst grabbed one on COMC after reading this lol.

  3. I had never heard or seen that Angels card before today. It's awesome!

  4. Girardi definitely appeared as a Rockie (for three seasons). But there are plenty of pictured Rockies in this set who never did, mostly minor leaguers.

    1. You know what ... you're right. I was thinking of Brad Ausmus instead from the Team Stadium Club set. I'll fix it! Thanks for catching my rather large error.