Sunday, July 5, 2020

Into the Mailbag

I haven't gotten cards in the mail in a real long time but in the span of a week I received one bubble mailer and a few PWEs.

It's amazing what happens when you make a blogging comeback.

The wonderful 2002 Reds team card above was part of a nice PWE I received from Fuji about a week or so ago. It's probably one of my favorite team cards in my collection now. There's several cool things about it ... the dirt infield, the interesting uniforms the team was wearing then but my favorite thing is that it's one of the last team photos from old Riverfront Stadium (which just celebrated the 50th anniversary of its opening on June 30th).

There were also cards from players I enjoyed watching when I was growing up, namely Barry Larkin and Sean Casey. 

Some cool horizontal cards. I remember how emotional everyone was when the Reds traded Aaron Boone to the Yankees in 2003.

Another one of my favorite Reds players, Hal Morris, on a card design I've always liked, 1992 Leaf.

It's not just Reds players that Fuji threw in, he also hit up some of my other player collections. I always welcome cards of Hall of Famers.

Charlie Hough is a guy I always liked collecting, especially when I was a kid. I'm not sure why I gravitated towards his cards, maybe it's the insanely long career he had and the fact he played for the Marlins of all teams when they weren't even around when he debuted.

In a separate mailing from Fuji way back in January, he loaded me up on cards for my 1984 Topps set build that I've been working on seemingly forever.

Lots of good stuff, right?

Anyway, look for an updated 1984 Topps waitlist to show up on the blog soon as soon as I get these filed away and can figure out what I still need.

Thanks for all the great cards Fuji! Really appreciated.


  1. I bought so much 1992 Leaf as a kid. Probably my favorite set from the early Leaf years, and the black parallels are gorgeous.

  2. Lol. I'm working on that darn 1984 set too. But I'm about to throw in the towel.