Sunday, February 10, 2019

Re-Organization Update

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a post about my collecting goals for 2019. I didn't mention anything related to cards like completing a set or purchasing a specific card, it was more along the lines of "hey, here's what I want to accomplish". Specifically, the first entry on the list was about organization ...

Get things organized - Currently my collection is in 3,200 count boxes and I would like to move it to binders. Once we get some Christmas debt paid off here at CCHQ, we are looking to buy another one of those storage cube things for our bedroom. Once we get that, I'm planning on putting binders in that cube as our bookcase is currently full.

Well just last weekend, we bought one. I work in the office of one of the country's largest grocers and one of our perks is 15% off home goods, which a storage cube is part of. We went and bought one and I spent part of a Saturday afternoon putting it together. Once it was together, I realized the binders didn't fit. Oh well, my wife made very good use of it ...

As you can see, she had mad decorating skills. 

I've got three sections and she's got three section. You can probably guess which sections are mine. If you guessed top left, middle left and bottom right, you win.

The top left section has a decidedly Halloween/horror theme to it with my horror movie blu-rays, my Halloween film series box set, and some Funkos from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Below that, is the baseball section with two baseball books I dug out of storage, a few more Funkos, and my box of "good stuff" which houses my relics, autos, and early 50s cards that don't fit in a binder currently. The bottom right has more books I dug out of storage and most of the ones I got for Christmas last year.

As for my wife's cubes, she chose to go the Pokemon and Nintendo route with plushes and figurines. You might notice in the back of the middle right cube there are boxes for the NES Classic and SNES Classic. We picked those up a few weeks ago and I'm considering doing a blog post on them. At the bottom, we've got Nintendo themed board games. As you can also see, she used the top of the cube for more decorations and figurines.

Now, what of the binders you ask. Well, since they didn't fit in the cube, I had to improvise.

They actually fit perfectly between the wall and the cube. It's like it was almost supposed to happen that way. Over the past few weekends, I've frantically been bindering up cards like a madman. I've got one giant Indians binder, three giant Reds binders, one and a half hockey binders, and one binder each of wrestling/MMA and miscellaneous cards. Each binder is labeled on the spine of what it is so that I can easily find things. The white binders I got from Costco in a four pack for $12. They're 2-inch binders and fit 50 pages perfectly with a little room to spare.

That's where I'm at so far with my organizing. I'd say I'm off to a pretty successful start. Right now, I'm kind of in pause mode since I'm nearly out of pages and binders. I'd estimate for the cards I have left, I need four more binders and probably three more boxes of pages but I'm in no hurry to complete that right now.


  1. Great job. Organizing this stuff can be so difficult. I'm still in the crawling stages so props to you for getting yours going.

  2. I too am in the process of getting more organized, I know it's a good thing to do... but it really sucks!

  3. I have a few sets which should be bound but there is no room at the moment. Hope 2019 is a good year for organization!

  4. Awesome setup. Can't wait to read your reviews on the NES Classic and SNES Classic. Can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to sit down with my girlfriend and play video games (or maybe sort cards). Lol. But there's no way I'm gonna even joke about that this week.

  5. Nice work! Feels good to get more organized, doesn't it?