Sunday, November 18, 2018

Doldrums (I'm Not Dead Yet)

I'll admit. I've been in a bit of a blogging funk recently. 

I haven't just felt the urge to write or really do much of anything on the blogs. Now, I could make excuses and blame this on a number of things ... no public wi-fi at work now, working lots of overtime recently, busy at home and not much time to blog, etc. But I won't. I'll just blame myself and the fact that I just haven't felt the urge to sit down and write a blog post.

Some of you out there in the Twitter world my notice that my Twitter account mysteriously vanished without a trace a few weeks ago. Well, there's a good reason for that ... I deleted it. I decided that I didn't need that anymore as it had started to get way too political (something I try to avoid) and people re-tweeting random things that I have no interest in whatsoever. Pretty much the same reason I avoid Facebook (although I do have a Facebook account, mainly so I can use the messenger app). That means, aside from this medium of blogging, I'm pretty much completely dark on social media, which is something I really have no complaints about.

While the blog is not completely dead (hence the screenshot from Monty Python above), it has been neglected since the beginning of the month. I had planned on doing one of my usual wrestling VHS box posts for the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view that just happened but I didn't make the deadline on it. I already have it half written so I'm not going to scrap it, I may just post it in December for the next WWE pay-per-view. I also have a draft going of the Seattle Mariners entry in the ongoing "Around the Horn" series (which I should really be further along in by now). I had plans on going to a card show this coming weekend as well but those got scrapped as my wife's mom and dad are coming up from North Carolina for the weekend.

I'm going to make a concerted effort to get back to blogging as I feel like my tank is nowhere near empty yet. I'm going to experiment with a work-around for the no wifi situation at work. That means I'll probably have to write my posts in the Pages app (yes, I use a MacBook and wouldn't have it any other way) and then copy and paste it when I'm done. Yeah, I might do that. Or at least try it and see how it goes. Regardless, expect to see more activity from me in the coming weeks to show that there's at least still a pulse going on here and the blog isn't dead yet.

Stay tuned ...


  1. I've been there before. Your readers will be here when you're ready to write again. As for social media... I never figured out the whole Twitter thing. I pretty much use that and FB to advertise my blog posts. Not even sure if it helps or not.

  2. Looking forward to whatever content you decide to put out here!

  3. Like Fuji said, we ain't goin' anywhere, so don't be afraid to take as much time as you need :)

  4. I know how you feel, blogging felt more like a chore to me, and while I don't post hardly anymore, I have much more fun when I finally do get around to them. I unfollowed half the people I followed on twitter for the same reasons as you recently, and still use it as some outlet for random thoughts, but not as much.

    I haven't been following wrestling much lately either. So little in fact that I forgot all about Survivor Series, and I just realized I didn't see your VHS box post, so I came searching. Whenever you decide to post it, I'll be glad to read it.

    I've realized no matter how little you blog, you'll always have readers, so I have a lot more fun with less posts now. We'll still be reading no matter what.