Wednesday, March 14, 2018

RIP Cincinnati Gardens 1949-2018

Just a quick post tonight ...

I've mentioned in this space before about my love of the Cincinnati Gardens, the dilapidated old arena in the Bond Hill section of Cincinnati. When the building eventually outlived its usefulness, it was purchased by the Port Authority of Greater Cincinnati to be demolished. That sale pretty much signaled the death of the old arena. 

Earlier this winter, the contract was signed with a local demolition company to begin the process of razing the old building, over a year after the Cincinnati Rollergirls, the arena's last official tenant, left. The demolition process started with some of the outbuildings and annexes, the arena's signage was removed and donated to the American Sign Museum, and the bas relief sculptures on the front of the building were removed and preserved as well.

All that was left was time. And now, time is up as the wrecking ball has found the old arena. 

I would attempt to write a eulogy for the arena but my words wouldn't be able to do justice to the place. However, local writer and photographer Ronny Salerno, author of the fabulous Queen City Discovery blog, was granted access to the arena one last time for a photo shoot. Earlier today, he wrote and posted a perfect eulogy to the Gardens with some amazing pictures he shot along the way.

If you are so inclined, I encourage you to go check out the article, if nothing else, for the pictures of the arena he took while he was there.

Rest in peace Cincinnati Gardens. You will be missed.



  1. Thanks for sharing, Adam! Love your site.

    1. You're welcome Ronny. I appreciate the kind words as well.

  2. It's always sad to see older sports arenas and stadiums demolished. The one good thing is people tend to talk about their memories of them and sometimes write great tributes like this one.

  3. Older arenas from that generation always fascinated me -especially the ones I didn't know much about like because they didn't have an NBA or NHL team (at least in my lifetime.)

    I'm going to refer to this post - and the article you linked - in my upcoming Cincinnati post. Nice tribute.