Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

I know I've shown this card before but consider it my Halloween tradition.

I can't believe that Halloween is finally here. It's been a long and wild Halloween season and I've certainly enjoyed it. I hope everyone else enjoyed reading about ghoulish junk food and lots of other madness. I enjoyed sharing it with you. It was my first attempt at doing some sort of Halloween countdown and I think it turned out well. 

I'll admit though, my spirit for the season peaked really early and I sort of coasted through the rest of it. I still enjoyed it though. Tonight, the season caps off with trick-or-treat night around the neighborhood and my son is going as Ash from Pokemon. After trick-or-treat is over, we're coming back and watching Great Pumpkin for the second time this month. 

Tomorrow, the blog returns to what built this house, that being sports cards. Most of November will be spent catching up on trade packages I've received but there will also be some other things thrown in.

I hope everyone has a happy and fun Halloween night!