Thursday, November 12, 2015

2015 Topps Update Retail Pack

Quick post tonight as it's late and I need to get to bed but I finally decided to jump on the Topps Update bandwagon and take a gamble on a retail pack. I'm not really expecting much out of this so I might as well just dive right in.

The best card I pulled out of the whole batch, this Anthony Rizzo throwback. I really dig these and might end up trying to locate more of them but it's low on my list right now.

I've heard a lot about Brock Holt so it was nice to get this. Here's hoping he's able to contribute nicely in Boston in 2016.

The two best rookies from the pack, Addison Russell and Steven Matz. Matz made his MLB debut against the Reds in June and completely overmatched them.

All-star cards! This is a subset I probably will end up putting together since the game was in Cincy and I think it'd be pretty nice to have the set to remember it by.

More All-Star goodies! Will the real Darren O'Day please stand up?

I consider Home Run Derby cards to be part of the All-Star set as well.

Finally, the inserts. My favorite one here is Wille Mays in a Mets uniform as you don't see much of that these days. Not a big fan of the Whatever Works insert set though, just something about it strikes me as cheesy.

I wouldn't say this pack was a bust, but it wasn't great either. I haven't gotten too deep into Update to really make a fair judgement one way or the other but it's not bad ... and yes, I do plan to get one of the holiday mega-boxes and maybe another retail pack of it.

Side rant: if you look closely at the top right corner of the Darren O'Day card from above, you'll see it's been dinged! This happened to a few other cards as well, including the aforementioned Steven Matz card. This is what happens when a retail pack doesn't want to cooperate and open properly. Grrrr. 


  1. The O'Day card is a mess. Poor guy makes an All Star team and they put 3 others guys on the card. The AJ Burnett All Star card is similar, but the jerseys are reversed to actually show the last names.

    Overall though I really liked Update this year. Loaded with obscure Pirates!

    1. It's almost like someone at Topps pulled a cruel joke on him. Update this year isn't bad, I think I need to dig into a blaster or some hobby packs to get a better opinion.

  2. The throwback Rizzo is fantastic. I've been tempted to buy packs from Target just for the chance of pulling some of those parallels.

    1. The throwbacks and all-star cards are probably my favorite parts of Update this year, at least what I've seen of them.