Saturday, September 19, 2015

Card Shop Chronicles: Mavericks Cards and Comics (Kettering, OH)

I was up in the Dayton area this weekend and decided to stop by Mavericks Cards and Comics as I hadn't been in there in a while. Jack, the owner, was in and I asked if I could take a few pictures so I could do a write-up on his shop. He gladly said yes and let me snap some photos while I shopped.

Here's the view as you walk in the shop. The cases on the right are filled with packs, boxes, and cards. There are also counters to the right of the photo and to the left (below) that have singles as well with the newest boxes and products up at the front.

As you can see in the picture above, they also have gaming cards and a nice assortment of newer packs.

 The display case featuring a ton of singles, both new and old.

This is just a small portion of their gaming section.

If you're into comics, Mavericks has a HUGE selection of comics and pop culture items including Funkos, figurines, trade paperbacks, and tons of other stuff.

Of course, I couldn't leave without buying a few cards so I picked these up that were in the Reds commons bin:

Ok, well the Iglesias rookie wasn't in the commons bin, but for a dollar, I couldn't pass it up. For the cards above, it was only two dollars, so not a bad haul.

Wait ... did I mention this??

You know how much this box cost filled with 2014 Topps Football, 2015 Allen & Ginter, and 2015 Topps Series 2 was? Nothing!! That's because Jack was trying to get rid of some cards for a friend and said that anything in the box was free. I offered to pay since I was taking the whole box, but he insisted it was free and let me have it. What was in the box is another story for another day.

If you're ever in the Dayton area, make it a point to stop by Mavericks Cards and Comics. Jack and his staff are great guys to talk and chat with about whatever you collect, be it cards, comics, gaming, or other stuff. They have a great selection and will definitely get you what you need. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and at their website here.


  1. I'd kill to have an LCS like that around where I live. Jack sounds like a generous guy!

    1. Nick --- Yes, Jack is a very generous and nice guy and the shop is really cool. I have a few more shops I'll be profiling as well in this series.

  2. Is Mavericks a chain? We have a Mavericks in Cincinnati near me off of Winton Rd., and it's cards and comics but a lot different than this (less cards focused). I didn't realize there were 2!

    1. I know exactly where that Mavericks in Cincinnati is! It's right by the KFC near Finneytown, about 10 minutes from where I used to live in Woodlawn but I've never been in there. I'm not sure if they are affiliated with the one in Dayton, but I'll ask about it next time I'm at the Dayton shop.