Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Helpful PWE

Before I begin, October has been a crappy month so far. We had a giant clog in the drain pipe leading from our washer which ended up costing a few hundred dollars to get fixed, both kids had an ear infection at the same time, and my oldest is still having ongoing medical issues stemming from it. My wife is really stressed out from having to deal with all the kids stuff (sickness and otherwise) while I'm at work. Speaking of which, my work schedule has been all over the place (and they shut off the public wi-fi at work so now I can't write on my lunch break, bummer) this month so I'm home at different times each week. So yeah ... welcome to my month of October.

However, to help lift my spirits, I came home from work last week and much to my surprise there was a PWE laying on the counter from AJ over at the Lost Collector blog. It was a nice orange and black package full of Bengals and perfect for the Halloween season.

I really like the Jon Kitna and Andy Dalton cards here. Kitna is best remembered as a Bengal being behind center for the playoff game in which Carson Palmer's knee was injured on the second play. I really, really like the design on the Topps Valor card. Kind of makes me wish Topps still made football cards.

Some nice looking Donruss Classics cards here. The lighting I had wasn't the best so unfortunately the names on the cards can't really be made out.

And then finally a few rookie cards including Jordan Shipley and Bernard Scott. 

I appreciate A.J. sending these over and for helping put a smile on my face with a nice, surprise PWE after a rough month. I'm hoping that our fortunes for rest of the month (the whole week or so left) will turn around and things will get much better.


  1. Glad I could bring a little sunshine during a tough time! Hopefully the Bengals can turn it around after the last two weeks.

  2. Sorry to hear about your rough October. Hope your kids feel better soon and you and the family can wrap up the month on a positive note.

  3. Valor was definitely one of the best Topps products for "regular" (non-high-end) collectors in the last several years. The designers on that one should get an award.

    I agree with you on missing Topps Football. Panini products can be real Hit-or-Miss, with the latest ones largely falling into the "Miss" category, in my opinion. I liked 2017 Donruss and 2017 Prestige (and even 2017 Score), but everything I have seen in the store this Fall just looked awful.

  4. My October hasn't been particularly good either, but yours sounds worse, so hopefully things will start improving for you (and the family) sooner than later.