Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy October

I'll be honest, September was the absolute pits. Between nearly losing my job and as I currently write this my wife has been in the hospital since last Thursday in downtown Cincinnati with low potassium levels. We're all hopeful that she'll be able to get released tomorrow sometime as she's shown major progress since Thursday night. Because of all this, I've barely been able to enjoy the first part of the Halloween season at all.

That being said, I'm glad to see September disappear for another year and now October, my favorite month of the year, is officially upon us! It's the month of baseball playoffs and the start of hockey season. On the Halloween front, it's the month of monster movies, Halloween parties, pumpkin carving, fall festivals, and trick-or-treating! I'm really going to try to stuff everything Halloween I can into this month.

One seasonal candy I did have the chance to try amidst all the September chaos was the Cookies and Scream M&Ms available at Target. Now, if this bag doesn't ... ahem, scream ... Halloween then I don't know what does. It's dark, it's purple, and you've got Red absolutely terrified of something. 

The M&Ms themselves are shaped just like any other M&M. Some of them are coated in a white dust, some aren't. That's no design flaw, they're just supposed to be like that as it helps with the flavor. Speaking of which, these take just like anything you would find in a cookies and cream ice cream. Between my wife and I, we polished off a whole bag of these in an afternoon, they're that good. So, if you find yourself at a Target, I recommend picking these up.

On the card front, I've got a hanger box of Heritage High Numbers, a random value box of 2009 Upper Deck, a jumbo pack of O-Pee-Chee hockey, and a trade pack I got last week all coming up later this month once my wife gets back home from the hospital and things get back to normal somewhat.


  1. September does sound like it wasn't so great for you and your family, here's hoping The Great Pumpkin will arrive this year and bring good fortune.

  2. Get well soon to her! I will never forget the taste of the potassium I had to take twice when I was in the hospital in 2013... unfortunately. Let me tell you, I eat a lot more bananas than I used to.

  3. Well wishes for your wife! Happy October!

  4. I hope your wife is doing better!!!! I love Halloween too, more than Christmas I think.