Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blasting Some Heritage High Numbers

I feel like I've been bombarding everyone with trade package catch-up posts as of late, so I'll take some time over the next few posts for some non-trade package posts.

Every time I take a trip to Target, I have to take a gander at the card aisle. Most of the time, I can easily pass on some of the stuff they have there, other times there is stuff that tempts me. Such is the case with this blaster of Heritage High Number. Silly me, I forgot to take a picture of the box but if you've seen a pack, then you've seen the box design. Anyway, I was on a Heritage kick after opening a few packs from the card shop a while back and felt like ripping into some more. This will be a quick break so I'm not going to waste any more time.

My box was a Cubs heavy box with six cards in eight packs. Even though I seemed to be one of the few people on the planet pulling for the Indians in the World Series this year, I'm still happy for the Cubs finally winning it all. 

Cingrani was the lone Red I pulled out of the box. However, I was delighted to get a Trevor Story rookie card. It's too bad that he got hurt and couldn't finish the season as I really would have been curious to see what he could have finished a full year with.

Insert cards! The Rookie Performers and Award Winners cards definitely liven things up a bit.

My "hit" of the box, for lack of a better term, was this Chrome insert of Tanner Roark. I guess I could have done worse with that. I also got two of the dreaded short prints in the "Shark" (no I'm not even going to try to spell his name) and Jose Berrios. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the variations.

Heritage is pretty straight forward. When you get a box or some packs, you know you're not getting anything fancy but that's sometimes the beauty of it. I know the variations, color swaps, etc. can be annoying to some people, but to me, that's what makes Heritage fun. 

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  1. Solid blaster! I usually do my best to avoid the card aisle at Target because I know if I start looking, I'm going to buy something. Rarely am I successful at that, though.