Saturday, September 5, 2015

Programs, Get Your Programs Here!

My wife and I were cleaning out our garage a a few weeks ago and buried inside a giant cardboard box were some old Reds programs, the majority of which I got when I went to Reds games as a kid, and later, as a teenager. I'm in the process of scanning in some of the contents of these magazines and will share them here in time. Some of them are very fragile (especially the 1976 and 1995 programs) so I'm having to be very cautious with those. In the meantime, here are scans of the covers of all the programs I found.

1976 NLCS Program
(This was given to me by a family member)

1995 Reds Yearbook/Progam

1997 Reds Yearbook

1998 Reds Magazine Issue 1

1998 Reds Magazine Issue 2

1999 Reds Magazine Issue 1

1999 Reds Magazine Issue 3

2000 Reds Magazine

2002 Reds Yearbook

As I mentioned, I'm scanning in some of the contents of each of these but it's a very time consuming process. I'm not scanning the whole magazine, as that would take forever, just the interesting parts of each one. I think somewhere I have the ticket stubs and some scorecards from the games where I got these. If I can find them, I'll post them up when I do the scans as well.

Hope you enjoy these when I get them posted up! I've got some other ideas I'm working on as well while I work on my next card post.


  1. Those are really cool - I did a bad job hanging on to programs from my youth, it's great you still have yours!

    1. Thanks! I hadn't looked at these for at least ten years when I found them in my garage. It'll be a real trip flipping through these when I scan them in.