Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bengals and Stingers and ... Other Stuff!

I had some extra cash a few weeks ago but I didn't have time to make a trek 45 minutes up the road to my favorite card shop. So instead, I picked up a few items from my COMC want list. My budget was $25 (including shipping), here's what I procured ...

 Two 1977-78 O-Pee-Chee WHA Cincinnati Stingers Cards

I finally got my hands on some Cincinnati Stingers cards and not only that, they're late 70s O-Pee-Chee cards, which absolutely no one has around here (believe me, I've asked). These are the best ones I could get for my budget and a good way to get my Stingers collection off to a nice start. My goal is to buy some Stingers cards every COMC order and eventually get all of them as this will accomplish two things ... 1) I'll have a bunch of Stingers cards and 2) I'll have a bunch of vintage hockey cards.

2011 Timeless Treasures Changing Stripes Materials Boomer Esiason

So far I've been pretty selective in purchasing cards for my football collection as I really don't want it to get watered down. This card is not only a dual jersey, but has both a piece of a Bengals jersey and a Jets jersey on it, the two teams that everyone remember Boomer Esiason playing for.

2014 Panini National Treasures Team Trios - A.J. Green/Andy Dalton/Giovani Bernard

THIS!! I couldn't believe this card fit into my budget! Not only is it #'d out of 99, it's three different styles of pieces of three of the top guys right now on the Bengals. Definitely a good find here.

2014-15 Upper Deck Ice Martin Brodeur 

As I've stated before, one of my collecting goals is to acquire all Martin Brodeur cards with him as a member of the Blues. This was the main card I wanted for my collection, and pretty much the only reason I've been wanting to buy packs of UD Ice, however I don't want to spend $15 on a pack. Thinking I'll just buy singles then.

2012 Gridiron Rookie Gridiron Gems Combo Materials Mohamed Sanu

Pretty nice card of Mohamed Sanu here, one that would probably be expensive if I bought it at the flea market or local card show. Double jerseys are always nice and this will display nice next to the triple jersey I mentioned above.

Other Stuff!

To cap off my order, I picked a random assortment of stuff, some UFC (Duke is a distant cousin of mine and Gracie won 3 of the first 4 UFC tournaments), some wrestling (Tazz was always a favorite of mine in the original ECW), an Aroldis Chapman numbered out of 299, a 1986 Boomer Esiason, and Oscar Robertson as a member of the long departed Cincinnati Royals even though I don't collect much basketball. 

I'd say this was a pretty successful order and once some more extra cash arrives, I'll pick up a few more things.



  1. Nice variety, nothing like cheap hits off COMC

    1. Thanks. I'd rather have cheap hits of players and teams I collect instead of ones I don't.