Friday, March 9, 2018

You've Got Mail #81: Johnny's Trading Spot

Racing and NASCAR never really have been big in my household. I remember growing up and watching some races with my dad here and there on Sundays and know the notable drivers and legends but I couldn't tell you who won the most races in 1985 nor do I know who won Daytona in any given year. However, I will still turn on a race every now and then, just out of curiosity more than anything. 

If I can find some fun cards to add to my racing collection, I will and when Johnny at Johnny's Trading Spot mentioned he picked these up from a show but had no use for them, I left a comment and snagged them up. Right away, I noticed a pattern with a lot of these cards that Johnny sent over, the majority of them are promo cards. Sometimes it noticeable, sometimes it isn't, like with these cards. Just by looking at these, you wouldn't know they are promo cards but they are, at least the Upper Deck card is, the other one I'm not too sure about.

Just to prove that these are, in fact, promo cards, I scanned in the back of them. The only one in this batch that isn't a promo is the Larry McReynolds card from the MAXX 1993 set. MAXX 93, that sort of sounds like the name of a soft rock station.

There was always something I liked about Kyle Petty and I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the way his car was painted? I'm not sure but I never could put my finger on it. Anyway, these Kyle Petty cards (and the Bobby Labonte card on the top) are labeled "prototype" on the back, I guess the word "promo" was too good for Action Packed. I'm guessing these are preview cards for the set that year. I'm not sure what the Mark Martin Press Pass VIP card would be issued for either but I definitely dig how it looks.

I appreciate Johnny sending these my way, they are definitely some great and neat additions to my racing card collection. 

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  1. Good stuff. The Jeff Gordon VIP card would tell you if it was a promo, as there would not be a number. VIP was a standalone set from 1994-2009 but they eventually stopped issuing promos. I just got that Mark Martin one last year myself.

    The McReynolds is actually from Maxx Premier Plus, which is basically Topps Chrome three years before Topps Chrome existed. When that set came out I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever...then I started scanning my collection, lol.
    1994 Action Packed is probably my favorite NASCAR set ever even though they use about a dozen different base card designs in the set.