Monday, June 12, 2017

Going Platinum

The family and I stopped by Meijer, a local grocery chain, a couple weeks ago to grab some odds and ends. Them being the only other retailer around here that stocks cards, I made a gander through the card section as usual. Normally, their prices are a few dollars more than everyone else but I found this jumbo pack of last year's Bowman Platinum on the rack for a mere $3.49. It's not something I would normally get but at that price, I couldn't pass it up. After we got home and got the groceries put away, I ripped into it.

The pack proclaims there will be five "top prospects insert cards" per pack. Obviously, these are not them. These are the main base cards and are pretty sharp looking to be honest.

Two more base cards and a Victor Robles "Platinum Presence" insert card.

Gleyber Torres is another insert card, this time from the "Next Generation Prospects" insert set. The top prospect cards the pack promised starts off with two Braves prospects in Toussaint and Dansby Swanson, who I guess at this rate can't really be categorized as a prospect anymore. Sorry Braves collectors, I'm holding on to these.

The final three cards and the only player from this batch I've heard of is Billy McKinney.

Only 12 cards in the pack but the design and overall quality of the cards definitely made up for the lack of quantity. For the price, this was a pretty fun quick rip. Would I have bought this at regular price? More than likely not. However, it definitely pays to look at the bargain rack in the card aisle, just proves to show you never know what you'll find.


  1. Meijer is one of my only places to get cards too. The ones near me never seem to have a GREAT selection but every now and then you find a deal. Some nice pulls!

  2. I have been having better luck with retail lately than hobby packs. Hard to resist marked down baseball!

  3. One of the few things I miss about Indiana since moving to Texas is Meijer. There was a new one built between my last work and home there and I stopped at least once a week. It had the best retail selection I could find. They were the only ones that had UD Hockey tins.