Saturday, March 11, 2017

You've Got Mail #64: A Cracked Bat

Earlier this year, there was a resurrection. Like a phoenix, Julie of A Cracked Bat rose from the dead and began writing and distributing cards again after a long hiatus. I was one of many recipients of her generosity via an unexpected and super cool PWE.

Cards of all shapes and sizes were included in Julie's package, including these tobacco sized minis from Gypsy Queen. I've mentioned before but I've become a fan of these and I'm starting to hoard these any time I come across them. However, finding pages for them has been a rather tedious task as none of my local card shops have single pages available, just whole boxes. Regardless, these were nice cards to add to the ever growing tobacco card population.

I'm pretty sure the whole team set of 2015 Topps Minis were included. They're pretty much identical to their full sized counterparts. 

A few full size singles were included. I think the Winker and the Votto are duplicates but I'll need to double check my binders. If the Winker is indeed a duplicate, I might set it aside to eventually go to my "shiny cards" mini collection. Speaking of which, I've added a mini-collection section to the want list so fellow trades have an idea of what else I'm into and, more importantly, to help me keep track.

If there's one thing that's a trademark of Julie's PWEs, it's that she always includes some base cards from higher end, hit based products. While I will never be able to afford packs or boxes of Tribute and Museum Collection on my rather shoestring card budget, finding the base cards in discount boxes at card shows or getting them in trades is always a treat.

With that, I'm finally caught up on outstanding trade packages. I just received another one in the mail the other day and that will be up shortly.

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