Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You've Got Mail #19: Mark Hoyle

Being a part of the SuperTraders group has afforded me the opportunity to receive and swap cards with people I've only read about in legends. One of those is Mark Hoyle who graciously sent a nice bubble mailer full of vintage cards.

The top three players of the batch, Tony Perez, Dan Driessen, and Pedro Borbon. Driessen was the guy who took over for Perez beginning with the 1977 season, which as far as I'm concerned, is the first post Big Red Machine season. The Perez card will find it's way into a top loader soon and will reside with my "good cards", the other two will go into the Reds binder (which really needs to be organized and cleaned up).

Hal McRae was another good player, but he's best known for his time in Kansas City and for being the dad of Brian McRae. If that Ross Grimsley card looks familiar, it should. Brian from HSCA had sent it as well in a trade pack, except the one he sent was a blank back. This one from Mark is just the regular card. Pretty cool to have two different versions of the same card from two different traders.

Another batch of nice early 70s cards. Kinda strange to see Merv Rettenmund airbrushed into a Reds uniform. The "In Action" cards are pretty nifty too.

Hey! How did this get in there! It's not a vintage card! Even though it's not vintage, it's still appreciated. I love getting these old Post cereal oddball cards, no matter the year. As a kid, I often wondered how they were able to get the player photographed in a logo-less uniform. Later on I realized it was through the magic of photoshop that Post was able to pull this off.

Lastly, a few vintage Bengals cards. My Bengals collection is sorely lacking in vintage cards, so these are extremely helpful. Bob Trumpy is the biggest name in this batch. After his playing days were over, he would have success as a broadcaster for NBC and had his own local weeknight sports talk show on 700 WLW, the show that is today simply known as "Sports Talk".

This was a great first package from Mark and I'm looking forward to many more packages like this. Hope you enjoy the return!


  1. Mark is the man! He is a vintage card expert.

  2. Return package arrived yesterday. Thanks. Great additions to my collection. Glad you enjoyed the cards

    1. You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed the return.

  3. Mark's one of the most generous people you'll come across around here.

  4. Awesome stuff - Mark is a fantastic trader!