Thursday, January 14, 2016

You've Got Mail #11: Highly Subjective & Completely Arbitrary

Since starting this blog back in the summer, one of the people I've struck up quite the trading partnership with is Brian from HSCA and he always knows how to get the most out of a package. Last last week, there was a surprise PWE in the mail from him with all kinds of good stuff.

Two new Bengals for the collection. Darnay Scott and Carl Pickens were two bright spots on the otherwise dreadful Bengals teams of the 90s.

A trio of Todd Frazier cards. It's a shame the Reds had to trade him off to the White Sox but his Home Run Derby performance last summer will always be the stuff of legend in these parts.

The majority of my vintage Reds cards, especially ones from the 50s and 60s, have come via these unexpected envelopes of awesomeness from Brian. The Roy McMillan card is fantastic. The Hutchinson is my first card of the legendary Reds manager.

Brian, thanks for sending this along. I'll have to gather some more cards to send back to you soon.


  1. Fred Hutchinson looks like someone who would refuse to smile for any reason.

  2. That 1962 Jello Jerry Zimmerman is pretty nifty.