Monday, July 27, 2015

My First COMC Order

Just before the 4th of July weekend, I splurged and treated myself to some cards from COMC. They came in the mail the day before I left for a July 4th excursion in Akron but I didn't have a blog at that time, so I couldn't share them. Now I do, so here they are ...

My order consisted of five cards, one from each sport I collect. It wasn't a big order, but just big enough to test out their service. Also, I splurged for the expedited shipping, which was only $4.99.

Here's my order:

2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Certified Autographs - Michael Lorenzen

I ordered this since Lorenzen is a good young pitcher and this will fit nicely in my Reds collection. Funny thing though, I saw this exact same card at the card shop in Dayton I frequent and it was nearly $10 more than I paid for it on COMC.

2014-15 Upper Deck Series Two - Martin Brodeur

We're big fans of hockey in my house and it saddened us last year when Brodeur left the Devils where we were sure he'd retire. This is only one of a handful of cards that are out there that feature him as a member of the Blues and I intend on collecting all of them. I figured the cheapest one available would be a good place to start.

2006-07 In the Game Heroes and Prospects - Mark Messier

I hadn't planned on picking this up as I though it was just another Messier card, but then I looked closer. See the jersey? Yep, that's Messier as a member of the Cincinnati Stingers! Messier as a Stinger? I had no clue that even happened. Definitely had to get this as it's a nice addition to my hockey collection. My goal is to eventually start collecting all of the Stingers cards available. That'll be easier said then done however, as hockey singles are hard to come by in my area.

2008 Leaf Limited Threads - Cris Collinsworth

I just recently got into football collecting so I'm starting with Bengals cards and going from there. I'm not really a big football fan, but do keep up with the Bengals. This was a nice card to add to the handful of commons I already have.

2010 Topps UFC Series 4 Fighter Gear Relics - Dan Severn

As a far MMA goes, we'll watch the big specials on FOX in our house but won't really splurge for a PPV, mainly because they're insanely expensive. This card however, was not. It ran me about $3.50 and Severn is one of my favorites from old school UFC. Nice guy too, I met him at an independent wrestling show a few years ago and he signed my copy of Swamp Zombies, a low budget horror film he has a small role in.

All in all, not a bad pick-up with some nice variety. Shipping took about a week through regular mail. I'll definitely be ordering from COMC again, that is once my budget for cards goes up.