Sunday, October 13, 2019

In the Mean Time and In Between Time ...

"In the meantime and in between time, that's it for another episode of Stampede Wrestling. Bye now."

That's how legendary pro wrestling announcer Ed Whalen used to close the Stampede Wrestling television broadcasts to alert viewers that it was the end of the program.

I thought it would be appropriate to dust off Ed's old catch-phrase and use it to alert everyone that as of this post, I'm officially on hiatus. 

I knew this was coming but I thought I could just get through Halloween but nope. Things change and life has gotten busy. Two main reasons, I'm going on hiatus now ...

1. For those not aware, my wife and I are expecting our third child come December and I'm having to focus more and more on getting everything prepared and also making sure that the other two kids are prepared as well since they'll probably have to spend a night or two with my mom.

2. I hesitate to call it "burn-out" but honestly, I've run out of things to write about. Sure, I could rip open and review a repack cube from Five Below that I have sitting around but I really don't have time to sit and scan, at least not right now. 

For those wondering, I won't be going away entirely. I'm going to try to keep active on Twitter (and possibly Facebook) although my overall patience for social media is very thin. I'm also a contributing writer to the SABR Baseball Cards blog, which is where any writing I might be doing will be posted at present. (PS: If you love cards and haven't joined SABR, you should!)

As for this blog, I might re-launch in the spring (or once things settle down with the baby) and get refocused. I may reserve this space more for trades and non-baseball cards more than anything and have my baseball related posts over on the SABR blog. I'm not sure yet but that's months away.

I want to close by saying that I appreciate everyone who I've interacted with over the past four years be it in trades, comments, Twitter exchanges, etc. I have a few PWEs I owe before I disappear into the ether and those will be going out at some point before the baby comes. My want list and the archives will remain here and if you want to send cards during my hiatus, that's fine. Just know that it may be a while down the line before I can send a return. 

Now, to close this out, I'd like to paraphrase old Ed Whalen I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

So, in the mean time and in between time, that's it for another post here at the Clubhouse.

Bye now.


  1. Best of luck and congrats on the upcoming child! Exciting. Totally understand and we’ll be here when you relaunch!

    1. Thanks Ryan! I'll still be around reading and commenting here and there too. I appreciate all the kind words you've had about the blog too. It means a lot.

  2. Well, shuckens, I can't count how many times I send cards to someone and shortly after they go on hiatus (or drop blogging altogether, which has happened a couple of times).

    Good luck with the kid-rearin' ... Looking forward to your return. Also, I check out SABR cards regularly.

    1. Thanks Greg. I think you'd be a fantastic addition to the SABR cards family if you ever decide to join. And to know that one of the most famous card bloggers out there (and published author with Beckett) is looking forward to my return is honestly mind-blowing (but in a good way :)

  3. Here's to a happy and healthy baby! Enjoy every moment, and we'll still be here when you come back!

  4. Hope to see you back and posting soon, my friend! At least from my experience, stepping away from the blog for a bit did help give me a new understanding and appreciation for the blogosphere. But in the meantime I hope everything goes smoothly with the family!

  5. Bye for now and congratulations on your new addition!

  6. I was unexpectedly away when you posted your hiatus. Have a wonderful new year, and may life's blessing continue to unfold for you and your family! Congrats for the little one!